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Overjoyed in October

This month was jam-packed and full of events! Event after event after event... Let me tell you a bit about each of them:  Noche de Baile Noche de Baile is a dance event that Andrea and I hosted at the beginning of this month to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. We wanted not only the FOCUS community but also Latinos across UTD to be able to come out and celebrate Hispanic culture through dance. We learned bachata, merengue, salsa, and cumbia -- not just the dances themselves, but a bit of the history and origins behind each one as well. My personal favorite is merengue because it's simple to dance and fast-paced. A lot of people really seemed to love Cumbia.  Piñata Making Our second event for Hispanic Heritage Month was piñata making! Everyone was given free reins to be creative and make whatever they wanted. I made a flag of Honduras. Others made things like popsicles and boots. I especially loved walking around to see everyone's creativity in action and fielding song reques