Settled in September

The craziness of the first few weeks of school is finally over. Time to settle into a routine. 

First thing up: Core! 

Core has been so fun and a blessing! Jadon, my cofa, and I have around 10 guys in our core who are all different and unique in their own way. There’s…

  • Jeff, a sophomore studying Mechanical engineering and also one of my roommates (far left)

  • Rahul, a Hindu PhD student exploring Christianity (yellow shirt)

  • Seth, a sophomore studying film who was also in Jadon's core last year (4th person from the left)

  • Emmanuel, a sophomore CS major who was also in my core last year (graphic white t-shirt)

  • Noah, a freshman CS major who loves to play golf (white t-shirt)

…and more! That’s just a small sample of some of the diversity in our core. We love watching Thursday night football after core along with playing some board/card games. Please pray that core would be a place where their faith is challenged and strengthened throughout the school year.

Another monumental event that occurred recently was fall retreat! Every year we head out to Mount Lebanon and spend ~24 hours there (Saturday morning to Sunday morning). It’s a time for playing, unplugging from society, and just enjoying time with the FOCUS community. This is my third fall retreat, and it was the best one yet! (It was also the hottest…) Please pray that we can continue building on the momentum from fall retreat and keep growing closer together as a core, especially with the guys who didn’t get to go. 

Student Testimony 

Every month, we feature a student’s testimony of how their time in FOCUS has grown and shaped them. Here is this month’s: 

Thank you, 

David Galeas 


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